Powerful Antidepressant- The Nature

Is there any way to get rid of people as much as possible and integrate completely with nature? A place where only the voices of the leaves, the wind, and the creatures that live in nature are below your feet. Powerful Antidepressant; the nature.

Science says that those who live with nature are happier, healthier and more creative!
Until now, the result of a lot of research to understand the impact of nature on human psychology is always the same: The closer we are to nature, the happier we feel.

In the experiment conducted with 280 participants in 24 forests around Japan and its surroundings, half of the participants were sent to the forests and half were sent to the city. The next day, the forest was moved to the city and the city to the forest. Finally, scientists have found that those who spend their days in the woods have lower blood pressure and cortisol density.

Nature is a Powerful Antidepressant, while nature helps to reduce this stress.

The greatest evil that modern life has brought to us is the time we spend on our smartphones. Whenever we get bored, we take them.

In fact, there is a lot of evidence that boredom increases creativity. Because at times we are bored, our brain is ready to turn to new areas. Here is the message we need to get out of here: Leave your phones and even get as far away from them as you can.

Nature develops problem solving skills and prevents distraction.

According to research at the universities in Kansas and Utah, the time spent outdoors and away from technology transforms us into more creative and intuitive people. The researchers took 56 participants to nature walks in Alaska, Colorado and Washington for 4-6 days. During this period, participants were not allowed to use technological tools in any way.

At the end of the study, 50% of the participants gathered attention, creativity and problem-solving skills increased.

The remedy of all those who feel fearful, alone and unhappy, is to go out of the house… Nature has the power to avail all the troubles.

Powerful Antidepressant- The Nature 


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