Positive Thinking, LOA and Stress Management

How can we use the LOA (law of attraction) for our wishes such as capturing happiness, being healthy, winning more, having a good career? When we say “I want this,” and  “I am worth this”, we can have what we want. Continue reading and learn about Positive Thinking and more and more.

What is LOA?

Everything in the universe consists of energy. The law of attraction is one of the basic laws that hold atoms, electrons and planets together. therefore everything is subject to the law of attraction. It means that everything at the same frequency is with those of similar frequency. The law of attraction does not deal with identity, religion, race, gender, color, but only recognizes frequencies.

How should we change our way of thinking in order to have our wishes under the law of attraction?

Life is a game. Inside it, parenting, economic play, career, health, youth-beauty, etc. games. How do you play them? If you focus on only one area of life, you will miss the others. Therefore, there will be no balance in your life. What is important is to energize all the games equally and to live life in balance.

In accordance with the principles of effect-response and cause-and-effect, what we think turns back to us like boomerang. Do we think everything positive, and we expect our jobs to go well? Positive Thinking is very very important.

How can we be rich with LOA

In a worldwide survey of people out of the lottery, 96% of these people appeared to be poorer in the past two years. If all the money in the world was distributed equally to all people, a few years later the rich would still be poor and poor. The important thing is, how much do we believe we are worth the money?

Money is an energy exchange. A man who sees himself worthy of money is not stingy or wasteful; be sparing and generous; he does not envy others’ money. There should be no subconscious thoughts like “rich are bad”. If you consider yourself worthy of money, you draw it to yourself. If you live with the dream that will come out of the lottery, you are sending to the universe, the message “I don’t have any money, I don’t want to make any effort to have money” .

Can we get rid of our anxiety with the law of attraction?

Anxiety is a concept of the future. Either we regret the past, or we’re living with future worries. But when we learn to live the moment and enjoy the moment, we are already peaceful.

If you focus on what you have instead of gratitude for what you have, you invite to be unhappy.


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