We will cover here Methods to Deal with Stress. I mean certainly the negative stress. Some amount of positive stress is a pre-requisite to cope with everyday hurdles. But if you feel negative stress, you can take those steps. To start with, let’s talk about what causes the stress. I think our fears causes stress.What are those fears. Fear of loss, fear of being lonely, fear of death, fear of illnesses etc. I will cover from those issues money and health. 2 main potential causes of stress and solutions for them; money and health.

Methods to Deal with Stress – Money

Do you have problems related to money? Do you get angry when you have your bills? Or you might feel you don’t have enough money. Let’s play games about money with your imagination like a child.

Do you remember your childhood. I think you remember your happiest times. Children spend most of their time playing.  Methods to Deal with StressIf you have huge amount of bills, add as many zeros to your bills as you like. And consider them as checks or money that are sent to you. Play this game as many times as you can. Then, your brain will start to function as you are a rich person and you will be motivated as a rich person. The universe will return to you with that energy. Believe me. I trust that method.

Your joy and happiness will give positive energy to universe. Then you will benefit from your actions. Otherwise, you always have your bills. And if you give negative thoughts to them that process will continue like that.

Do you feel that you don’t have enough money? I have a suggestion. If you are making an accounting when you take your monthly salary. Place a 0 at the end of your salary and feel that you have that money. Think about that one more time in a day. You will send full energy to universe that you are right.

Methods to Deal with Stress on your Health

Feel love to your health. Be grateful all your healthy parts of your body.  Feel love to the healthy people you see.

If you are really sick like cancer or any other heavy illness, use the power of joy by watching your favourite comedian. Leave the process of interesting in your illness to your doctor. It is your doctor’s duty. You do not have to do anything with your illness. You have to do the things all your doctors say to you. If they have given pills and some kind of treatment do that with all your hearth.

The other part of the curriculum is you 🙂 You have to pay attention to your health , not to your illness. Think about that how can you be more healthy? I think the best way is joy. Do the healthy things that you like. (that aren’t harmful to your health.)

Spend time with your loved ones. Watch your favourite comedian’s movies.Methods to Deal with Stress For example , if you ask me, what I would to do? I might spend time on the sea shore. I might go to dance halls. (If that isn’t harmful for my health). I would pray. I would spend time in my village. I would listen to music. I would grow my loved plants. etc. I would do what I would love. Because, love and joy has to be the best treatment for any illness.

The rest of the work is doctor’s job. He/She has to deal with my illness. One more suggestion, live your day as you haven’t been ill or you have been healthy that day and all of your life before you sleep. Imagine your day as you were healthy that day and get up with gratefullness for all your health you have.

Thank you for your reading my article on Methods to Deal with Stress. I will cover these kind of issues more and more in my next articles.





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