Finding Employees and Organizational Stress Management

Successful organizations can only be created with employees who are fit for their skills and personalities. Today, quality can only be achieved by working with the right personnel in the right job. This is the key for Finding Employees.

If there is no harmony between work and person:

  • Productivity drops
  • There may be increase in work accidents
  • Business dissatisfaction begins
  • Training costs increase
  • Absence and Dismissal ocur.

The Purpose and Importance of Personnel Selection and Finding Employees

The purpose of personnel selection; is to determine the persons who have the characteristics and abilities appropriate to the qualifications required for the task to be taken.

Ensuring the harmony between the business and the employees is very important for both the employees and the business.

In terms of business; The process of finding and selecting employees is a process with high costs.

In terms of employees; if the person fails in his job, job satisfaction will not be achieved because of low performance and new will investigate job opportunities.

There are many stages of personnel selection and psychological tests are one of them very important for your organizational stress management.

Psychological Tests In Personnel Selection

The main purpose of using tests in selection of personnel is to measure the characteristics that a person should have for the job, measuring them to see the harmony between person and work.

Psychological tests; when used appropriately, on-time and by qualified persons, are important tools to increase the accuracy of employee selection decisions. So it is important for the process of Finding Employees.

When the tests are combined with the information obtained from the different methods and tools used in the examination of the individual as a whole, it is the psychological measurement tools that reinforce the decisions about the individual.

Psychological tests are used for the recruitment of personnel in the selection of new personnel in organizations, in the assignment, transfer and relocation of personnel, in assessing the validity and effectiveness of the training programs, in determining the training needs, in directing them to the profession and in different areas such as personnel consultancy.

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), Hacettepe Personality Inventory, Beier Sentence Completion Test can be given as examples.

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventorytest (MMPI) has a very common field of use. The test, consisting of 566 questions, is a personality test that aims to assess the personal and social adjustment levels of individuals. The MMPI can determine what a person is in general, rather than to determine if a person has psychological problems, and may reveal the normal personality characteristics of the subject being tested. It can be used to analyze the suitability of the job in recruitment.

Hacettepe personality inventory  consists of 4 sub-scales for “Personal Adaptation” and 4 sub-scales for “Social Cohesion“. There are 20 items in each of the subscales.

Beier Sentence Completion Testconsists of reflection techniques and has a wide usage area. It is also used in clinical studies as it is used to examine the attitudes and feelings of individuals and groups. This test identifies problems that are frequently encountered in schools, workplaces, etc.

These highly sensitive and specialized tests should be specifically integrated into process of personel selection and Finding Employees.



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