Employee Responsibilities

What are the characteristics that make employees successful today? And The Employee Responsibilities? Which features are overlooked and which ones stand out?

In a research report published by The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the University of Kent in 2013 to explain profile of a successful employee, highlighted some skill shortages in new recruitment. While it is stated that focusing only on academic and technical competencies is no longer sufficient; the importance of other communication skills such as adapting to the business environment, problem solving and conflict management is emphasized.

Let’s look at some Required Employee Features and Employee Responsibilities

Written and Oral communication

For centuries, communication has always remained the same as changing form and form. Every employee, regardless of the work they do, should be able to express themselves clearly and accurately by adapting the style to the other. Those who communicate well can go one step further than active listening and translate what is spoken in the mind to processing. As such, 33 percent of companies say that their employees are not at the desired level.

Writing e-mails, reports and references with an open structure, appropriate style and content has become an ordinary feature expected for every employee without exception.

Team work

This is one of the most important stuff of Employee Responsibilities. Many companies want their employees to work in groups of self-managed teams in their projects or in less hierarchical organizations. In order to be successful in the team environment, employees need to cooperate, take responsibility and communicate their ideas safely and passively without being passive or aggressive.

Analysis and research

We live in a complex world order. It is unclear where and when what is defined as the problem . Employees must seek to find ways to deal with them in a logical and analytical way rather than act in a panic or ignore it.


Today’s employees are expected to be proactive and motivated to take the initiative, prioritize their jobs, find better working methods and take responsibility.

Planning and editing

Employees need to organize workloads and plan their daily tasks effectively to be efficient. It is an important skill that employees can set achievable targets to train the job until the deadline.


Everything is constantly changing. Qualified employees are adapting more quickly to new conditions and environments. Employees must take on new challenges and change their priorities to deal with change.

Time management

To be successful in competencies such as leadership, negotiation and creativity, time management must be well known. Organizations want employees to cope with conflicting demands, to use working hours in the most effective way and to prioritize urgent work.

While the required skills and responsibilities differ up to each business sections; what we have mentioned above, are the common characteristics of Employee Responsibilities.

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