Empathy Communication and Reading

Reading Reduces Stress

Everyone in our age is now stressed out. During the day we are constantly running around, some of us work, some of whom are in school. And if we take the traffic into account, our stress is the ceiling. Every day we get tired in this monotonous cycle. According to scientific research, reading books is the most effective method of reducing stress.

In the traffic, free time, at the end of the day when you find the opportunity to leave yourself in the magical world of books, your stress will be reduced. ( Empathy Communication and Reading )

Reading Speeds Up Brain Functions

According to a study, reading makes us smarter. In other words, it helps in the emergence of the ore within us. Thinking faster and making more accurate decisions and expanding our perspective.

Reading a book helps us deal with life challenges more effectively

A study by the Ohio State University suggests that the level of awareness of those who read books has risen so that the difficulties encountered can be overcome more easily. Yes, unfortunately, our lives are full of difficulties and we need information to deal with. The more we know, the more we learn, the more effective the solutions we produce.

People reading books aremore socialized

A study shows that people who love reading books can communicate better with different cultures. In a foreign novel we read, we would like to communicate with people living in that culture to learn and imagine a culture even from a description.

Reading the best method for those who have insomnia

A study shows that reading books calms us down and takes us to a deep sleep by purifying us from everyday problems. We always hear “When I study, when I read a book I am asleep‘’. We can throw away the stress of daily life and stress by reading a book. That’s why our brain functions are relaxing and we can have a comfortable night’s sleep.



Reading improves empathy

Sometimes we get caught up in the characters of the books we read, so that if something good or bad is happening to them, we can feel happy /sorry for them. That’s why we have to read, because reading improves our sense of empathy.

( Empathy Communication and Reading )



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