3 Type of Stress Symptoms And Solutions

Do you know people who are never stressed and stress-free nearly all of their life? By the way, those people live the same life like you. Now, I will suggest my 3 Type of Stress Symptoms And Solutions.

  1.   The first stress symptom is headache, jew clenching or pain. The solution for that kind of stress is doing massage to your face on a regular pace. You can search internet and youtube for acupuncture techniques that can be done anyone purely.
  2. The second one is increased anger, frustration, hostility. Solution for this, but not at the exact time of Increased anger, frustration, hostility: when you go to your bed live your entire day from the beginning. How? Live your loved events on that day as they are. And live your unwanted memories as you might want them to be. For example if you were sick that day, and you didn’t want that, live your day in your imagination as a healty day. If you had wished more money on that day, live your day with more and with the money as you need with your imagination. And get up by being grateful for all the belonging that you have. Get up with love, get up with gratefulness. Believe me or not, you will reach all of your goals on that day. Yes, because the important moment is momentum we live. Tomorrow isn’t so important. And having those belongings depends on love and the gratefulness you fell.
  3. Social withdrawel or isolation: The solution for that stress symptom is feeling love for the people who deserve it really. And not having any negativity to the people who deserve hatred. You must only take away yourself from those people who deserve hatred. And feel love to the rest of them.

Thank you for your reading of my 3 Type of Stress Symptoms And Solutions article.


  • unknown

    Posted September 25, 2018 6:14 am

    thanks for such useful tecniques. We shall consider what we have; and be grateful for the blessings.

    • stress-free

      Posted September 25, 2018 7:11 pm

      Thank you.

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